Our mission

It’s that time again, every month all women that have the pre-menstrual cycle go through it. that mix of glorious emotions of either wanting to slap a co-worker just because she forgot to return your pen she borrowed, or even your emotional meltdown because your boyfriend forgot you don’t like ketchup on your burger.
The joys of being asked if you are pregnant because what seemed good at the time, was to eat a whole bag of cookies, and guess what? now your stomach is bloated like a hot air balloon. How about the symptom of feeling like there are a HUNDRED MINI NINJAS in your uterus setting off bombs consistently?

Well our mission is to spread awareness that we’re not naturally crazy. there is a scientific reason we get extremely moody and it is not because of a full moon. Our Niagara Falls of a time makes us lose our nutrients and throws all of our hormones out of whack.
Well we want to make it so that women can replenish the nutrients that will be lost to us during this period of time. now we can feel like our normal selves again all month long.

Imagine a world where were not fire-breathing dragons, falling asleep at the work desk, or crying all the way through the animal humane commercials. We’re finding you relief from your symptoms.
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The Cause

TOM is not only a product or business. It is a mission. It is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and feminine hygiene. There is a cause or mission behind this project too. We will donate 10% of our net profit to the underprivileged, less-fortunate girls and women who otherwise cannot afford to have a piece of sanitary napkin during their Time Of Month. Do you know that there are millions of girls and women don’t even know that there is something called sanitary napkin exists? They use scrape cloths, grass, leaves, old newspapers, sand, husk and even ash, etc. in place of sanitary napkins. In a recent study showed that about 70% menstruating girls and women of underdeveloped countries do not have access to sanitary napkins or clean piece of cloth during their time of month. The survey said 64% of gynecologists noted that sanitary napkins can act as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of cervical cancer among women.1
So, I think it will be great cause to donate and contribute 10% of our net profit in order to provide sanitary napkins to those girls and women who cannot afford to have during their Time Of Month. Once we do that then it will be a great thing and will make a positive impact to those girls and women. They will have good feminine hygiene and will decrease unwanted birth defects.
I have given TOM samples to lots of girls and received lots of positive feedback on this product. If you are a girl you may want to give a try. If you are a guy, please give it to your girl love ones to give a try.
Your support in this project and the cause for “Clean Cloth for all girls during TOM”, will be truly appreciated. Thank you.


1. Bornstein, JE, et al., Health and economic impact of the premenstrual syndrome, J Reprod Med. 2003 Jul; 48(7):515-24.